ICF Code of Ethics

ICF Code Of Ethics

Ethics are guided moral principles underlying how coaches behave congruent with the above ICF values.

What we expect of ICF Members when abiding by the Code of Ethics:

To elicit the best in each and every ICF coach, ICF Members and coaches are committed to:

  • Ethical behavior as the foundation of the coaching profession.
  • Continued learning in the field of coaching as required.
  • Search for continued self-awareness, self-monitoring and self-improvement.
  • Acting and being an ethical individual in all-professional interactions.
  • Full accountability for the responsibility undertaken as an ICF Member and coach.
  • Complete engagement with and commitment to the coaching profession, setting an example both to the profession overall and to the community.
  • Uphold the highest standards in a manner that reflects positively on the coaching profession.
  • Be fully present in each and every interaction in which we engage.
  • Recognize and abide by the applicable laws and regulations of each country, municipality and local governing body.
  • Provide a safe space for trainers, service providers, coaches and coaches-in-training to learn, excel ethically and strive to become professional coaches of the highest caliber.
  • Embrace diversity and inclusion, and value the richness of our global stakeholders.
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