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LIFE 101’s Coach Training Program is an intensive and very specialized course designed for training individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in coaching. Intended participants are those who wish to become professional coaches, or individuals who wish to use coaching in their own lives. This applies to all types of coaching in every kind of context, from life, relationships, career, to executive or corporate coaching and beyond. This program will train coaches to honor the client as the expert in his / her life and believe every client is creative, resourceful, capable and whole. Standing on this foundation, the coach's responsibility is to:
  • Discover, clarify, and align with what the client wants to achieve
  • Encourage client self-discovery
  • Elicit client-generated solutions and strategies
  • Hold the client responsible and accountable
Through interactive activities, role-playing, intense development of self-awareness, and group interaction, participants will have the chance to experience the journey from both the coach’s and the client's perspectives. This will allow the coaches to fully integrate their experience and skills, so they can best support their clients throughout their own journey of transformation.

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2- Intellect Coaching School

About Intellect Coaching School
Intellect Coaching School has been a market leader in the Coaching industry since 2012. Proudly being the first company in the world to create and deliver an Arabic ICF approved (ACSTH) program. The first coaching school to create and deliver an extensive 170 ACSTH Relationship Coach program. The first to create and deliver a Certified Business and Career Coach program in Egypt & Qatar. The first in the Middle East and North Africa to deliver a Certified Addiction Recovery Coach program. Intellect Coaching School not only offers facilitations and support at every step of the coaching path but also continuous coach education in the form of coaching tools, monthly Intellect Coaches Community(ICC) meeting and retreats. With four unique ICF Approved Programs, a faculty of +7 ICF credentialed coaches and growing whilst operating in Egypt, Jordan, U.A.E, Qatar & Saudi Arabia, Intellect Coaching School is always pioneering the coaching industry in the Middle East.

Our Programs
1- The Certified Professional Coach program 71 ACSTH
Our flagship program that contributed in creating our reputation in the coaching industry. The program is designed to take the participants into a journey where they get to understand their clients and their needs, understand and practice the core coaching competencies and increase their self-awareness. The Certified Professional Coach program is the right start for coaches who are interested in life coaching or have a strong specialized background in business or other fields and looking to integrate coaching with their background.

2- The Certified Business & Career Coach program 70 ACSTH
The Certified Business & Career Coaching program has 3 different tracks:

The 1st track is the Corporate Coaching, which tackles the executive coaching, leadership coaching, change management & team dynamics.
The 2nd track is the Career Coaching, which tackles the career explorations, career advancement & career satisfaction through scientific assessments and practical tools.
The 3rd track is the Entrepreneurship Coaching, which tackles ideation, business model design & innovation, the start up cycle, testing and validation.

3- The Certified Addiction Recovery Coach program 140 ACSTH
The Certified Addiction Recovery Coach(CARC) program enables you to guide recovering addicts & their families through the bumpy road to sobriety. Offering a new and fresh approach to addiction and codependency recovery. The CARC tackles the various forms of codependency, how to navigate conflicts, fears and challenges of relapse as well as the effect on the family and how to manage. Approaching recovering addicts with a coaching perspective focuses on the future, setting life goals like career, relationships and education. Designed for Addiction recovery counselors Therapists Coaches Recovering/ex-addicts and family.

4- The Certified Relationship Coach program 170 ACSTH
Taking theory into application, the Certified Relationship Coach Program (CRC) works on utilizing the tools and methodologies to be implemented in real life situations. Our curriculum research based and we customized our coaching approach to adapt to the Middle Eastern culture. Understanding and managing a diverse array of relationships from self-discovery leading to the identification of your needs in a relationship, couples coaching, family coaching and closing the circle at closure and starting over coaching.

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